Deciduous Trees & Shrubs - Nursery Catalog

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    Almond, Russian

    Prunus tenella

    Russian Almond is a low suckering shrub which bears white, pink or red flowers in May depending on whether the species or a cultivar is grown. The flowers are 3/4 inch across and the fruit is a red ch...

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    Prunus armeniaca

    A hardy fast growing tree, bearing stone fruit, closely related to the peach. The leaves are broad and roundish, with pointed apex; smooth; margin, finely serrated; petiole 1/2 inch to an inch long, g...

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    Viburnum dentatum

    Arrowwood is a deciduous shrub (potentially a small tree) with slender trunk(s) and arching branches. This is a small, rounded Viburnum that usually gets no more 6-10 ft (1.8-3 m) tall with a similar...

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    Ash, Green

    Fraxinus pennsylvanica

    A hardy, native, fast growing medium to large tree. Leaves shiny medium to dark green in summer, changing to yellow in fall. Transplants well; grows in a variety of locations and soils; adaptable tree...

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    Ash, Manchurian

    Fraxinus Mandshurica

    The Manchurian ash is an ideal candidate for smaller yards, parking strips, or any area where a tree with a lush crown is desired. Its upward-arching branches are so strong and stout that they shrug o...

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    Ash, Mountain

    Sorbus Americana

    Mountain Ash ia a medium sized tree.  Leaves are pinnate with 9 to 15 leaflets and dull green above.  Flowers are white 8-10mm across blooming in May to early June.  Fruit is glabose ab...

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    Aspen, Quaking

    Populus tremuloides

    Quaking aspen can be identified by it's leaves and bark. The leaves are round and finely toothed. In the summer months the leaves have a deep green color. In the fall, the leaves turn a golden color....

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    Birch, Paper

    Betula papyrifera

    A very hardy, native, fairly rapid growing, medium to tall tree. White bark that peels off in strips; some what borer resistant; best grown in a northern climate; easy to transplant; not pollution tol...

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    Birch, River

    Betula nigra

    Multistemmed is desired; native; graceful branching; easy to transplant; best not to prune in spring - sap "bleeds"; heat tolerant; cinnamon brown exfoliating bark; may drop some leaves during dry wea...

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    Buckeye, Ohio

    Asculus Glabra

    The Ohio Buckeye is moderately long lived and almost impossible to kill, making this North American Native a great addition to the landscape.  The bark is ash grey and has a ridged appearance whe...