Deciduous Trees & Shrubs - Nursery Catalog

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    Lilac, Villosa (Late Bloom)

    Syringa villosa

    Small shrub. Oval dark green leaves. Abundant blossoming in pink-mauve fragrant panicles.

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    Linden, American

    Tilia americana

    American basswood (usually called American linden in the horticultural business) is a stately and well formed deciduous tree with large heart-shaped leaves, a clean, straight trunk, and a broad, round...

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    Linden, Little Leaf

    Tilia cordata

    Its habit is neatly pyramidal, (some cultivars are almost too formal, especially when young) and the June flowers are pleasantly fragrant, a rarity among shade trees. It is urban tolerant and should b...

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    Maple, Amur

    Acer ginnala

    25Clusters of fragrant, yellowish-white flowers in spring; fruit red on certain cultivars; autumn color is a mix of yellow and red (varies from tree to tree)

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    Maple, Autumn Blaze

    Acer X Freemanii

    If you want a large, fast-growing tree with spectacular fall color, Autumn Blaze® maple is an excellent choice. This dependable selection of Acer x freemanii ('Jeffsred', P.P. No 4864) is a hybrid of...

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    Maple, Norway

    Acer platanoides

    Leaves: opposite; 10 - 18 cm long; palmately five-lobed; the shallow lobes and edges with scattered long teeth; 5 or 7 main veins from notched base; dull green with sunken veins above, paler and hairl...

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    Maple, Rubrum

    Acer rubrum

    The swamp or red maple is a beautiful deciduous tree that is often planted as an ornamental. It ranges from medium to large in stature with notable variation in size and form depending on its site. Wh...

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    Maple, Silver

    Acer saccharinum

    This medium-sized maple attains heights of 60-80 ft (18.3-24.4 m) and diameters from 2-3 ft (0.6-0.9 m). It has deciduous, opposite, lobed leaves that are pale green above and silvery below. The leave...

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    Maple, Sugar

    Acer saccharum

    Sugar maple is a large tree, often 80' or more tall with a trunk up to 3 ft (0.9 m) in diameter. It has a large, dense and rounded crown and is one of the giants of the forest. Its leaves are opposite...

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    Viburnum lentago

    Nannyberry Viburnum is a large growing "leggy" native shrub that can be pruned into a small tree form. It produces 2-3" clusters of white flowers in the spring. Mature fruit are black in color. Fall c...